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Tensamax body shaper and size reduction

Tensamax is ideal for post-operative recovery as it significantly accelerates recovery.

It is a shaping facial and body treatment, capable of eliminating localized fat and reducing cellulite in a totally painless way, it works by deep heating of the skin, fatty and subcutaneous tissue, in this way the acceleration of cell regeneration occurs and then the formation of new collagen to firm the tissue.

As it does?

  1. By mobilizing ions through electric current, for vascular permeability.
  2. Increase in tissue temperature to facilitate drainage and regeneration.
  3. Proliferation of healthy cells to accelerate recovery.


  • Shape the silhouette
  • Reduces localized fat
  • Eliminates flaccidity, cellulite and fibrosis.
  • Tightens the skin of the face and body.
  • Non-surgical "Lifting" effect.
  • Ideal for post-surgery as it helps with fibrosis and accelerates the drainage and regeneration of tissues.


  • At least 6 sessions of around 40 min should be applied.
  • This treatment can cause redness on the treated skin, even a small bruise. These will disappear quickly and are completely transitory.
  • It should not be applied if there are open wounds.
  • It should not be applied in pregnant women.

How much do Tensamax treatments cost?

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